Toolmaker Apprenticeship (m/f/d)

Your future tools won’t be hammers or screwdrivers. They will be dies, from which millions of plastic and silicone parts can be manufactured. During your Toolmaker Apprenticeship (m/f/d), you will create high-precision molds for a wide variety of parts and industries. In doing so, you will lay the foundations for the quality of our products.

In good form millions of times. Because your tool is the perfect fit.

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Frau Christin Schmidt
Am Jahnteich 1
D-08606 Oelsnitz

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Absolute variety

Each die is unique. Designed, built and maintained by you. For exciting industries with a wide range of requirements.

Maximum precision

Precise here means working to a 1,000th of a mm. In both 3D designing and in mold making. A steady hand is clearly an advantage.


You will create a digital construction plan from a customer design using the latest CAD software.

Manual skills

You learn to master and control huge forces and machines. To make highly complex tools out of pure steel with them.

For us, appreciation always means good pay.

in the first year of training
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Personal contact

Christin Schmidt

Thank you for your interest in our current vacancies. Do you have any questions about your application? Or would you like to send us a proactive application? Then please feel free to write to me or give me a call.

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