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As versatile as it is functional. Plastic components and assemblies for industrial technology.

By aligning production cycles and capacities to customer specifications, we are able to produce standard parts, complex series or prototypes at any time in line with requirements and for all production runs. We are partner for everything relating to development, toolmaking, production and installation – from housing components for testing technology, profile and connection parts through to multi-component groups for plant systems.

Stable and efficient processes

On the basis of lean, individual automation concepts, we increase the efficiency, economy and safety of the process.

High manufacturing depth

We bring the complete value-added chain together at one site. That is why we are quick to respond, avoid unnecessary transport routes and have a clear view of the entire process chain at all times.

For every industrial application

We fulfill the widest-ranging requirements of our customers surrounding chemical resistance, dimensional accuracy, spray protection, food safety, UV protection and mechanical properties.

Focus on development

Since our foundation, we have steadily gained an edge in industrialization and product conceptualization. Two key factors on the journey to series production.

Industry competence for more than 60 years

The requirements our components need to meet in this dynamic market sector are particularly high and varied. Thanks to our decades of experience in plastics processing and process configuration, we have managed to take products to serial production more quickly, and in a more compact and economic way. Our technologies keep up with the times and our customers.

Industrial engineering products

We are your best partner – from housing components for testing technology, profile and connection parts through to multi-component groups for plant systems.

Sample LED

Injection-molded housing control unit

Industrial engineering expertise

New technologies, state-of-the-art automation concepts and high-performance materials. Expertise for your product.

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25. November 2022

System supplier advantage

Faster responsiveness and more process efficiency at all levels. Faster responsiveness and more process efficiency at all levels.…

Industrial engineering certificates

Certified quality at prices in line with the market

IATF 16949

ISO 9001:2015

Our range of services

From injection molds through to plastic parts ready for serial production. We are shaping ideas.


Understanding and implementing customer requirements.


High-precision and customized prototype and serial tools for nearly any plastics technology.

Plastics processing

Injection-molded parts and multi-component groups, brought into shape economically and innovatively.


Manual installation and individual partial packaging for small batches.

Quality assurance

Guaranteed process security in every process phase.


Tailor-made and on-time logistics solutions for all your components.

Industrial engineering showroom

Some of our selected reference customers from the industrial engineering sector.

Personal contact

Markus Schwab

Are you interested in our industry solutions, would you like to convince yourself of our capabilities, or would you like to get a project off the ground?

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