Injection-molded components for children’s toys – chips from bioplastics in many colors for Binabo from TicToys.


TicToys is among the best-known manufacturers of movement games. They are all 100 percent manufactured in Germany and in a fair and environmentally friendly manner. The Leipzig-based company commissioned us to manufacture various injection-molded components for the Binabo range. The children have to click the colorful chips together to make a ball. As it will be subjected to rough play and being assembled and disassembled multiple times, the process and material must be precisely coordinated down to the nth degree. In addition, the individual components had to be designed to be durable and to keep their shape.


In a fully automatic Injection molding process with multiple cavities, the components are produced in a variety of different colors – all with the aid of a highly sensitive process monitoring system that ensures the high quality of the series.

First, a complete production concept was created in collaboration with the customer. It was then planned and holistically implemented in our in-house Design and Toolmaking department. Near-contour tempering in the tool and the specially-developed removal gripper ensure maximum stability in the process.

The chips are made from the sensitive organic material Arboblend® natur – an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

After the injection molding process, the components are removed and poured into customer-specific packaging units before they are finally handed over to our Logistics department.


By optimizing the injection molding process, we have succeeded in achieving high durability, even with a bioplastic. Our customer also benefits from holistic manufacturing in keeping with their “toy culture”: regional supply chain, environmentally friendly materials and added value geared towards conserving resources.

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